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Things to Know Before Launching an International Google Ads Campaign

Things to Know Before Launching an International Google Ads Campaign

27 Feb 2018, by Camilla Pettica

Have you got a product or service you’d like to market globally?   Google Ads can be a quick and controlled way to test your offering in the international marketplace.  However, before launching globally, it’s important to spend the time researching the market so that you can set-up your campaign for success.



Your local Google Ads campaign contains rich data to validate whether or not other markets are already searching for your offering.  You can see whether or not your current ads are getting clicked on from overseas locations.  Plus, whether or not there have been relevant searches for your product or service in different languages.  Google Analytics data will also be able to show you whether or not there is a high proportion of your traffic coming from International locations.



Outside of your current campaign data, it’s also worth checking out Google Trends.  A tool which is often overlooked, it provides an amazing history of how often a particular search term is entered relative to total search volume globally. Check the forecast volume via the AdWords Keyword Tool.  Remember, even if you’re launching in a market that speaks the same language, keyword terms can differ so never assume that a keyword that is successful in your local campaign will be successful in another market.  If you’re considering launching in countries which speak different languages, it’s worth getting a native speaker to do or verify some keyword translations to check the volumes too.  Google translate is great but could be a source of error if relied upon. After confirming there is a market for your offering, you need to get to know your target market inside out.  It’s important to research the country’s language, culture, traditions and buying habits.  I would suggest reviewing competitor ad copy and landing pages to ensure you’re pitching your offering appropriately.  Use this information plus the below factors to build your strategy.



Campaigns will convert better if they’re localised.  Domains, currencies, taxes, shipping options, dialect, device preferences, testimonials and ad scheduling should all be localised to drive more conversions.



As best practice, you should set-up separate campaigns for different languages.  Google knows a user’s preferred language when they enter a search query.  By having a separate campaign for each language, Google will be able to show the most relevant ad for your target customers – ultimately giving the best customer experience.  Just make sure the customer journey from this ad continues to be a good experience -with a translated landing page, payment journey, thank you page, product instructions, terms and conditions and customer support.



Using Google Ads for International campaigns requires additional research and set-up to ensure your offering is correctly positioned and promoted in the marketplace.  Take the time to get to know the market and localise your campaign so it’s correctly understood without diluting the unique selling proposition.  Then test, test, test and measure the results.  Never assume you know what’s going to happen because more often than not you’ll be surprised.


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